7 Tips for Building Your Confidence after Divorce

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Divorce is heart wrenching, to say the least. It leaves you lonely, depressed, and often feeling bad about yourself. Unfortunately, there’s no way around these feelings; you have to work through them in order to move on. But there are some things you can do to gain back your confidence.

1.      Get to Know Yourself

After a divorce, the loneliness and pain can make it tempting to jump into a new relationship right away. Don’t. You need time to figure out who you are without your former spouse. And you need to love yourself for who you are before you try to love someone else.

To heal and discover yourself again, focus on your interests. Make a list of all the things you love to do and whenever you’re feeling down, pick one to do. Add to the list two or three things that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for. When you drop your kids off to visit your ex, go straight to an activity that is uplifting and fulfilling for you. Staying busy and trying new things will make you feel accomplished and self-assured. 

2.      Stay Involved

While you do need alone time to both grieve and become comfortable being by yourself, spend plenty of time with friends and family too. Rely on them and talk to them about how you are feeling. They can help you see what an amazing person you are, no matter what has happened in your marriage.

If you need additional support, find a group online or in your community with others who are struggling with the same challenges. You may be surprised at how much strength you can find from others who share similar experiences. Consider counselling as another way to work through your grief.

3.      Stay Healthy

Everyone feels better when they are exercising and eating well. Exercise releases endorphins, which boost your mood. See this time as an opportunity to work on yourself and get in the best shape you can—for you, not for anyone else. And, as Dr. Phil eloquently puts it, “You’ll have what you create.” 

It’s normal for divorcees to feel guilty for spending time away from their children. But remember, the best thing you can do for your children is to be the best, strongest version of you. Take time each day to become stronger physically, and you’ll be stronger mentally and will be an example for your children.

4.      Focus on the Positive

It will be tempting to see the negative things about your life after divorce. But focusing on those things will only make you feel worse. Instead, make a conscious effort to see the positive things in your life.

Focus on your talents, your accomplishments, and the exceptional things about yourself. Concentrate on the friends who stay beside you, not the ones who take your ex-spouse’s side. The more you look for the positives, the more of them you will see and the brighter life will become.

5.      Forgive Yourself, and Forgive Others

Guilt and anger gnaw at a person. Harboring those negative feelings will prolong your healing process. Instead, take action. Apologize to those whom you feel you have wronged. Do your best to make recompense for the hurt you caused them. Realize that you are human and there is only so much you can do to fix things.

If you feel that you deserve an apology from someone, approach them in an open, kind way. Explain how you feel. Be willing to let go of your anger, whether or not they apologize. If you do not feel comfortable talking to that person, you may have to find the strength to move on anyway. You may not be able to do it right away, but slowly try to let go of the negative feelings you are clinging to.

6.      Celebrate Yourself

Take time every day to celebrate something about yourself—how great your hair looks that day, the definition you can see in your arms, learning something new, smiling that day, or talking with your Richmond Hill lawyer without crying. Taking that time to honor yourself, your accomplishments, and your milestones will help you realize your value and feel happier.

7.      Have Fun with Your Kids

No matter what happened between you and your spouse, you’ve been blessed with wonderful kids. Spend time with them. Make memories and have fun. Do things that will bring you together and build their self-esteem and confidence. Focusing on the well-being of others can do wonders for your morale.

Recovering after your divorce will take time. Be patient with yourself as your work through the many emotions that will surface. The time will come when you feel good—even great—again. Follow these tips and look for others, and you’ll be on your way to feeling like a new, confident you.

EdsonSenna is a freelance writer who specializes in family matters and health and wellness. He gets ideas for his articles from companies like Donnell Law Group. In his spare time, Edson enjoys reading everything he can and spending time with friends and family. 
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Five of the Most Unique Homes in Movies

Image by gothic_sanctuary via Flickr
Five of the Most Unique Homes in Movies

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had the kind of life you see in movies? Maybe you think it would be fun to have a soundtrack accompanying all your day-to-day tasks, or you wish everyone you met was incredibly good looking. Others may wish that they could live in some of the fascinating houses. While you probably don’t have the option of living life like a movie character, you can take a few minutes to pretend by imagining life in five of the most unique homes in movies.

The Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth is full of fascinating places, but perhaps the most enticing city is Hobbiton. The green surroundings and cozy feel make it a tempting destination. Bilbo’s home, Bag End, is built into a hill and contains a series of tunnels connecting the rooms.  There is one main circular front door and a few windows. While Bilbo’s home is described as a “hole” because one of the key elements of a hobbit’s life is comfort it is one of the most comfortable homes around.

Blade Runner

The Ennis house doesn’t get a lot of screen time in Blade Runner, but it makes a mark quickly. The home was designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright and is a fascinating example of Mayan revival architecture. Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckhard makes the place his home in the classic sci-fi film.

Swiss Family Robinson

If you had a fortunate childhood, maybe you had the chance to play in a tree house. I know when I was younger, treehouses in real life never lived up to my expectations from the movies. One of the coolest movie treehouses is the home in Swiss Family Robinson. The stranded family has to be creative and resourceful, and they end up constructing a home most little kids can only dream of. The house has bedrooms, a kitchen, and even a library. Why did they ever want to leave?

North by Northwest

Unlike the home in Blade Runner, which was a real home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Vandamm house in North by Northwest was a work of fiction. Filmmakers used a clever combination of paintings and practical sets. The home was specifically designed to resemble Wright’s work. The home is luxurious and impressive with a wraparound balcony and many large windows. If the house had been real, the view would have been incredible.


Carl and Ellie’s house in the movie Up seems like a relatively ordinary Victorian house, albeit a little colorful. But when Carl decides he needs to visit Paradise Falls, he makes some extraordinary adjustments. Using thousands of balloons, an old fashioned coffee grinder, and some ropes and sheets for steering, Carl defies physics, turns his house into a flying machine, and takes to the skies. With the help of Russell, he flies the entire house to South America. While gravity might keep you from following his lead, you can imagine soaring through the skies in the comfort of our own home, even if you actually have to remain grounded.
Let the houses in movies inspire you whether you are stuck in the suburbs and redecorating or looking at houses for sale in Toronto or Tallahassee. A little bit of imagination can make your own house more like the ones you see on the screen.

Author Byline

Michael David is a freelance blogger who writes about a variety of subjects including homes and entertainment. To find more interesting homes, check out ReaLocation.
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Six Ways to Wake Up Beautiful

Image by Nouhailler via Flickr
We all scoff at those characters in movies who wake up looking gorgeous in every scene. We laugh at the fact that no one could possibly wake up looking so flawless, while secretly feeling envious. However much of a naysayer you claim to be, would you take the steps necessary to ensure you look your best upon waking up in the morning? Here are a collection of nighttime tips that will get you looking radiant right from the get-go.

1.      Use Teabags Before Bed

A common detractor from your natural morning beauty is probably the pesky bags that form under your eyes. A quick way to reduce this problem is placing cold water-soaked tea bags on your eyelids at night. You’ll need to leave them on between ten and fifteen minutes, but this should be long enough to reduce any swelling and moisten up your skin. You’ll notice a difference in the morning after each tea bag application.

2.      Use Castor Oil on Lashes

Before you go to bed, use a Q-tip to coat your eyelashes in castor oil. It will require habitual application over a period of weeks, but this will help your lashes grow thick and long naturally. In the meantime, you’ll awake with a glossy shine to your lashes that will make a big statement even without makeup.

3.      Sleep with Curlers

It’s difficult to wake up with a ready-to-go hairdo, let alone a hairdo that isn’t tangled and frizzy from all-night pillow contact. Try sleeping with curlers in your hair to keep it tight, out of the way, and looking beautiful by the time morning comes. You can use traditional rolling curlers, the more modern headband curling technique, or even just simple braids to hold your hair in place until you can let out its natural waves in the morning.

4.      Put Socks on Your Hands

If you feel self-conscious about your dry hands, try deep-conditioning them over night. Slather your hands in lotion, then place cotton socks over them (held tight by hair elastics at the wrist). This direct contact with lotion will infuse your skin with moisture overnight, leaving your hands baby smooth by the time you wake up.

5.      Get Permanent Makeup Done

This is a more expensive and invasive option, but it’s the perfect way to achieve daily natural beauty. You can have your eye, lip, and scar cover-up makeup done subtly enough that your best features are lightly enhanced, allowing you the freedom to add onto it whenever you please.

6.      Whiten Your Teeth

There are plenty of affordable and easy whitening options, whether it be over-the-counter whitening strips or getting professional work done by a cosmetic dentist in Calgary. However you choose to do it, a bright smile will speak volumes for your appearance without the need for any enhancing makeup.

We all want to feel our best as much of the day as possible, and the morning is a great place to start. These steps are simple, affordable, and well worth the effort; give them a test run, and see how much better you look and feel when you wake up.

Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing. For more information on whitening services, visit Sunridge Landing Dental Care at their website.
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Business Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

The clothes that we wear would definitely speak volumes on our personality.  Not to mention the fact that it can also have a huge impact on our capability to achieve success in our chosen careers.  Working in a business environment nowadays would also entail following a specific dress code.  If you are new to the world of being employed and would want to elicit the right impression, check out the following basic wardrobe must-haves.

Two Suits

For starters, you should have at least two suits coupled with a skirt or pants and then anything suitable for the top.  These pairs will serve as your primary business wardrobe.  See to it that they have compatible colors so you can just interchange the tops and bottoms with ease. You can also buy a knit top or any blouse with the same color tone as your suit to be worn in monochromatic fashion. Pivotal suits that are navy and black in color can be a surefire way to stretch your wardrobe budget and choices. Other equally powerful colors for your pivotal suit would include gray, olive and brown. However, always remember not to mix navy and black colors together or you will ruin your fashion sense.

Two silk blouses

The other one could be long-sleeved and these two blouses will prove to be very helpful when you are trying to coordinate them with your suits.  Blouses that have geometric print and solid colors can be paired with those two suits mentioned above. You can wear your long-sleeved blouse with your skirt to pair with your suit.  The good thing about these pairs is that you can just let them hang on the back of your chair in the office and wear it anytime there is a meeting. In other words, you would still look both professional and fashionable with or without your suits.

One Tailored Jacket

Make sure to choose a color that is compatible with those pivotal suits that you already have.  For starters, it would be best to choose jackets in varied colors so that other people will not have the impression that you are wearing the same jacket over and over again. Although it is okay to wear the same basic garment for a week just do not forget to hang them right away for airing out.  Your jacket style must vary from your suit jacket cuts.  Your printed jackets will perfectly go well with solid-colored tops.

Long Skirt

If your height is below 5’4”, it is best to choose straight long style for your skirt and stay away from full skirt designs. Its print must coordinate well with your jacket, suit or turtleneck tops.

Sweater Set

Your sweater set i.e. shell and cardigan could either have neutral or totally different colors for as long as they look perfect with the skirt and pants that you already have in your closet. Off-white colored sweaters will definitely make it easier for you to pair with just anything beneath it or with your skirts and pants. If you opt for colored sweaters then see to it that the colors are according to what is the latest color trends.  If you choose lime green colored sweaters, the best pair of pants to wear would be color black or eggplant. To gain more sets, you can just pair your shell with your other jackets. The same thing can also be done with your cardigans.  This is the beauty of having neutral colored clothes because you will have no trouble mixing and matching them with other clothes that you already have.

You can then add more clothes to your collection once your budget allows.  But, for now, continue to search for more tips on business wardrobe must haves so you will not have to suffer from much anxiety and stress whenever you wake up in the morning and think of what to wear.  During weekends, it is also good to plan ahead of time the pairing of clothes to wear and then hang each set or pair in your closet so you can easily grab them whenever you need to go to work. As your wardrobe collection starts to grow you can then start exploring other colors aside from those neutral colored clothes you have.  Do not forget that as you invest money on your clothes, you will also be able to gain more money out of it as you gain more positive impressions from other people.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera believes that dressing up right can greatly spare one from stress and anxiety as it boosts a person’s confidence and self-esteem.  For more interesting and useful tips, just check out his Calm Clinic Google+ account. 
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What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what message you’re sending when you put on your glasses in the morning? Glasses don’t just alter your physical appearance—they give people hints about your personality as well. The color, material, and shape of your glasses tells everyone you meet just a little bit about you.


Photo by 亜々乱 山岸 河合 via Wikimedia Commons
Brightly colored glasses are a pretty bold statement. They suggest confidence as well as a willingness to have fun. Yellow glasses are fun and blue glasses are cool. Red glasses are a particularly daring statement because red is a power color. Black can also be a powerful color depending on the style of frame. Black frames can be subtle, but they can also be bold.

Photo by Daniele Zedda via Flickr

Most glasses frames are either plastic or metal. While the rules aren’t hard and fast, plastic frames suggest a fun loving, youthful attitude, while metal frames are seen as more professional and responsible.


When you choose a pair of glasses, you have a large number of shapes to choose from. Does the style of frames you chose match your personality?

Photo by skippyjon via Flickr
Round Frames

People who wear round frames are often creative and gentle. They are calm under pressure and care about other people. Round frames suggest tranquility and an affinity for the romantic things in life.

Wayfarer Frames

Wayfarer frames have made a huge comeback in recent years.
Photo by Idhren via Flickr
They have lost their nerdy vibe of years past and become popular with people who are comfortable in their own skin and who don’t care much about what others think.

Big Bold Sunglasses

Photo by Lookatme BR via Flickr

Big bold sunglasses are suited to big bold personalities. People who choose big bold sunglasses are fashion conscious and courageous. If you are very confident and love to have fun try on a pair of statement making sunglasses.

Rectangle Frames

Photo by GuySie via Flickr

Rectangle frames are often chosen by those who are quiet and intelligent. Rectangle frames are stylish, but don’t make a strong statement, which makes them perfect for those who aren’t looking to stand out in a crowd. People who wear rectangle frames are content and collected.

Photo by Sarah F. Bowman via Flickr
Cat-eye Frames

Cat-eye frames used to be associated mostly with cat ladies and shushing librarians, but in modern times they are a courageous and sophisticated statement. They are usually worn by women who know what they want in life and have a plan for getting it.

Rimless Frames
Rimless frames are very subtle, which means they are suited to those who are looking to blend in with those around them. They also suggest the person wearing them is happy with the way they look since they aren’t using their glasses to alter their appearance.  Those who choose rimless frames are often quiet and invested in learning new things.

Aviator Frames

Photo by ~ggvic~ via Flickr

Aviators are classics, and the people who wear them are classic as well. Aviators suit those who value simplicity. People who wear aviators are cool and relaxed but also love a good adventure.

Of course no one is has a personality as simple as a pair of glasses, but what you wear on your face all day every day does give others a glimpse into what you are like on the inside. Whether you are shopping online or at your eye clinic in Edmonton or Edinburgh, choose a pair of glasses that suits your personality.
Author Byline

Michael David is a freelance blogger who loves learning about people. For more tips on picking a pair of glasses, check out Londonderry Eye Care.
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What Are Promotional Products?

Handing out gifts to your recipients is never a bad idea. Whether it is for promotions, endorsements, or even a simple thank you gift. Such a deed will not go unnoticed and this can definitely help strengthen your bonds and relationship with the community. Such positive attitude is what the general public seeks towards a company and business establishment. They will feel more inclined to directly support your products or service and also encourage others to try it themselves. This spells good success for your business in the long run as it continues to prosper and grow.

Promotional items are readily available and you can buy them at almost any stores today. There are countless of items that can be associated or are used as promo items which make them very accessible to the public. These items are also quite inexpensive which means people can buy them with little to no problem with their budget. Stores often encourage customers to buy promo items in large quantities as this can help them save more, and having a huge supply of promo items are ideal especially if one is distributing such items on a regular basis.

What makes promotional items stand out above the rest of the crowd are their customizations. You can choose to give them to your recipients right away after purchase. Although, customizations are often compared with already made promo items and this can produce unexpected results. Others may love it but and some may dislike their similar features with normal everyday items. You can give these promo items a lasting impression when you choose to customize them by changing their color, shape and overall design. Custom prints can also be added to promote brand recognition. You can add your company logo, a brand name, or even a slogan to give them that diverse look and feel. Bags and shirts may come to mind when thinking about item customizations.

However, flash drives or custom USB drives can also take advantage of such modifications since they are used almost every day with different file retrieval, transfer, and storage. Their small size makes them easy to carry around at any given time and they are also sold at a very low price. Flash drives at available in different storage capacities and you can choose what suits best for your recipients.

Save on Promotions is a store that offers a huge array of promotional items which you can easily customize directly at their store. They have promotional products which are made of high quality materials to give only the best service to their customers. They offer no added cost with their shipment and free delivery. Instead of picking your orders up, you can focus more of your time with other tasks at hand and leave the rest to them. Save on Promotions are offering different discounts and promos to help their customers purchase items and share them to their recipients right away.

Jasmine is one of the reliable person in promoting products .If you are looking for attractive electronic gadgets then you can visit save on promotions. We have huge stock of components available for you.
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Job Leads: January 22, 2014

Wanted: Entry-level writers for one year

Nerdwallet - San Francisco, CA

We're looking for 20 journalists or journalism students to write hyperlocal content. We'll pay $150 per story, for stories that typically take 8-10 hours to do well. Accuracy and attention to detail are key; with hyperlocal stories, people who live in those communities will quickly spot any errors, which would hurt our brand.
We'd like one-year commitments for this work, no benefits. These jobs can be done 100% remotely, on your own schedule. We just want the work to be consistently done well and delivered on time. We need a commitment of at least two stories a week, which will take 16-20 hours a week total. (We have done many of these stories and know that cutting corners immediately shows, so please note that time commitment is firm.) We have enough work for writers who can do 40-hour weeks. (Writers who perform exceptionally well will be considered for full-time staff jobs, which offer robust benefits and salaries that are competitive with major news outlets. We're based in San Francisco.)

Please include writing samples when applying. Applications without writing samples will not be considered. Finalists will be offered test assignments, which we will pay for if work is delivered in publishable condition. (We determine publishable condition. We don't want work that needs heavy editing, backfilling or correcting.) We will not pay for unpublishable work.


Be part of the Buffer journey and apply to the many positions they have open: Happiness Hero, Android Hacker, Reliability Hacker, Frontend Hacker, Content Crafter, Weekend Warrior, Life Saver, and UI/UX Designer.


Content Writer (Trivia Questions / Answers)
Zed USA - San Francisco, CA

Zed USA, a leading mobile content distributor, is seeking trivia question writers and editors. The trivia questions will be used in a variety of mobile apps/games currently being developed for iPhone, Android and Facebook.

Students are welcome!
Preferred location = San Francisco (next best = Los Angeles)


Excellent English
Creative Writing
Information Searching Skills
Good Communication Skills
Background in online games is an advantage
Experience in Excel (or similar tools)
Applicant must have a computer with internet access in his/her home

Job Description

Our writers work at home and get paid per project. A project has a minimum of 100 questions in specific categories (for example, 100 trivia questions would be needed for the “animals” category).

Zed manager will guide you through the process, and set up weekly touch points to maintain communication. 

FREELANCE INFOGRAPHIC designers wanted, work from ANYWHERE....

We are Visual.ly, the largest marketplace for infographic design and data-viz.  We are looking for talented designers with experience in infographics, dashboards, and other data viz to work with top brands and clients.

All projects START at $700 to the designer and go up from there.
Our marketplace is VERY designer friendly, just ask any of our current designers.  This is freelance, you can work remotely.  We will send you invitations to projects, you can accept them or not.  Most projects take 2-3 weeks.  Often designers are on multiple projects at once if they want to be, some over 10 projects at once.

More information and to apply go here, https://marketplace.visual.ly/apply?=behance You must upload at least one example of an infographic or data-viz you have done to be accepted.
Feel free to contact me (Creative Director) with any questions, Jess@Visual.ly

Job Search
job title, keywords, company, location jobs by job search
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Meeting Your Half-Orange: A Review

Why can’t I get that cute guy to notice me?

Why do I always pick losers?

Do guys only go for a certain type of girl?

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? Have you ever been discouraged about the overwhelming, confusing, sometimes downright daunting task of dating? Well, Amy Spencer knows exactly how you feel. In her book Meeting Your Half-Orange, the former editor for Glamour magazine teaches readers how to turn their dating doubts and worries into positive energy that will help them attract their “better half.”

If you think this sounds a little hokey, don’t worry—I did too. But after reading Amy’s guide, I truly believe that finding your half-orange is possible. And applying her techniques will make anyone a more positive, attractive, upbeat version of themselves.

Half-orange? What in the world is that?

Your half-orange, Amy explains, is your other half, your “ideal partner, the person you’re meant to share your life with.” Amy learned this Argentinian phrase from her own half-orange, whom she met within a few months of applying the methods she suggests.

I know, some of you are thinking, “Hold on, I’m not ready to think about meeting my other half right now. I just want to have fun.” That’s ok! The techniques that Amy teaches in her book will help anyone be more confident, happy, and optimistic, no matter what stage of your dating life you’re in. And while this book focuses on attracting your soul mate, remember that it will affect your other relationships in a positive way, too.

The phases

So how exactly do you attract your half-orange?

1.      The first phase, Amy says, is to believe that you can have it. You are fun enough, smart enough, and cool enough to have an amazing relationship. So what if you haven’t found “The One” yet? So what if all of your dates end with you going home and eating a pint of ice cream while watching Pride and Prejudice and wondering if your Mr. Darcy will ever show up? He will! You just have to believe that it’s possible.

You’ve done it in other areas of your life, right? You’ve focused on the job you wanted to get, the test you wanted to ace, the team you wanted to be on, and you succeeded! Focus on what you want and you will find it.

2.      Phase two of being utterly optimistic, Amy says, is to admit that you want it. Admit it. You want to fall in love some day with an incredibly handsome, fun, witty, successful guy who just happens to think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Sure, being single can have its perks, but some day you will be ready for the next step. And when that day comes, say it. Tell yourself you’re ready. Tell your mom. Tell your friends. Shoot, I even told my cat. Just get it out there so the universe knows you’re ready.

3.      Phase three: choose your orange seed. C’mon girls, admit it…you have a list. You know, the list: tall, dark-haired, blue eyes, amazing athlete, etc. Well, our dating guru says to throw it out. Yep. You are starting over. Because, Amy states, “The fact is, you don’t want a man . . . what you want is a relationship.” When you start looking at outside factors (looks, hobbies, popularity, etc.) you get sidetracked from how the relationship makes you feel. To help you maintain the right focus, Amy suggests looking at other relationships that you admire and making a list of similar things you want in your dream relationship.

4.      Phase four of finding your half-orange is all about focusing on that dream relationship and imagining it. This phase is full of tips on how to smile more and visualize that perfect love. I don’t think I could do this chapter justice in a brief summary, so I’ll leave you to read it yourself. The last thing Amy suggests, however, is making a Dream Board to “create a visual reminder of emotional cues about what you want.” Cut out and paste pictures that show the kind of relationship you want––a couple holding hands, words like “healthy” or “loving” to zone in on the type of relationship you really want.

Now what?

So you finally believe you can have that ultra-happy, over-the-moon love. You have admitted to the world that you want it, and you have imagined the type of relationship you want—now what? Live life, and love it! You can’t just wait around for Mr. Right to show up at your doorstep! Do what you love, whether that’s traveling, fishing, or cleaning grease traps in Hamilton. You’ve got to fill your life with all of the wonderful, positive things that make you you.

Don’t wait around for a guy to complete you. Do all the things you love and let him come to you. Now that you are a dating optimist, you don’t have to worry whether he will show up—you know he will! Live your life to the fullest each day and he will appear.

Meeting Your Half-Orange is full of stories that illustrate these principles, as well as research from psychologists that shows how positive thinking actually brings good things into our lives. And often, Amy says, those who have applied these principles have ended up doing new things and discovering new talents. So go pick up Meeting Your Half-Orange and start your journey to a more hopeful, happy you.

Edson Senna is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about relationships, health, and finance. In his spare time he learns as much as he can about home maintenance from companies like Pitton Plumbing and Heating Inc. He also enjoys running, biking, and reading
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